The New Indian Express

When Tanisha Bakshi, 19, scored a stellar 97 per cent in high school, everyone thought she would pursue commerce. But painting has always been integral to Bakshi’s life…

Suburb Live Magazine

The artist’s mesmerising brushwork showcasing the most beautiful human emotion- a mother’s love was greatly appreciated by the guests and fellow artists at the prestigious World Art Dubai.

One World News

Tanisha Bakshi is the youngest Indian artist who does realistic painting. Her work style is very unique and involves the use of materials that are used by a mother…

Colour Canvas

Tanisha Bakshi; a blooming artist with an intense sense of arranging elements and creating a mesmerizing piece of art in her own unique way…

One World News

Meet Tanisha Bakshi a true inspiration for all the youngsters out there.

Eatmy News

Tanisha Bakshi – “A Mother’s Love Is Universal. And For Me, Her Love Is My Biggest Inspiration!” (Artist)

The Talented Indian

Meet Tanisha Bakshi, An Extraordinary Artist Who’s Changing The World One Stroke At a Time.

Retro Pop Lifestyle

Tanisha Bakshi creations primarily focus on the most beautiful of all emotions, a mother’s love.

Delhi Events

A graduate in fine arts in 2017, this young artist recently got much appreciation at the World Art Dubai 2020

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