Tanisha Bakshi

My Belief

“A mother’s love is Universal and for me, her love is my biggest Inspiration!”

Currently I’m working on a slum community in Choma Village, Gurgaon. Through my artwork I try to depict their unimaginable life in ‘Real,’
representing their expectations, reality, happiness, and love (the purest form of love that can be seen and felt).

My paintings capture the bond and the love they share in spite of the hardship of slum life.

My work process includes detailed research and documentation on a couple of families from Choma Village. On the basis of this research, I strive to depict my learning of their life on a two dimensional surface representing their struggle, vision, happiness and hardship which sums up to be the “Essence of their Life.”

Today in contemporary art practice the readymade has become an integral form of art and art production. For me, the readymade material is indiscriminate and complex form. It represents a hidden history. Every scratch on used things has a story to tell. Every hole in the blanket or their cloth has a history.

For my artworks I use readymade objects like, bed sheet, charpai, windows, doors, saree and other daily used objects from slum community (Choma Village).
The readymade object is very powerful in itself as it represents their affection, dreams, power, weakness, status and their daily lifestyle.
Both materially and conceptually, I will be focusing on the challenges they face to create an identical scenario in the society.

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